Domestic: 18 x 300W PV panels

3 x 4KW Inverters Stacked

OTHER solar company:
Roof TOP mounting = GLUE
Panels have NO ventilation
Cable hangs in water
Right hand side PV mounted SOUTH - reduces performance by 40%
Cabel used: 4mm rip cord 
*completely wrong cabel type for  Solar application with high DC AMP  throughput
*coating will brittle and come off    after short time
AFTER GSS re-fit:
ALL PV sets ARE serviceable
SOUTH mounting corrected
Water can run off freely-ventilation optimal
ALL PV sets mounted in optimal position
GSS re-fit:
*ALL cabel has been replaced with 6mm2  slilicon cable - all weather proof
*ALL quick connection replaced with SOLID  state links
  Water can not run off in severe     thunderstorm, no ventilation,         fixed mount - PV sets and               cabeling can not be serviced
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